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Failure to pre-mix in a bucket will cause your sprayer to clog.Mixing – The use of an impeller-type mixer that can be used with an electric drill aids the dilution process.This means that termites are kept out of structures, preventing wood damage.When termites or other wood-destroying insects ingest Bora-Care, the borate active ingredient poisons the microorganisms in the insects’ digestive tracks that are needed to break down the cellulose in the wood.

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One gallon of Bora-Care will treat approximately 100 lineal feet of 2 x 4 stud wall. For other dimensional lumber, logs, or siding and plywood, please see the product label to the left.

Wood treated with Bora-Care is non-toxic to humans and animals.

Bora-Care must be diluted with hot water in a bucket and then added to your sprayer.

Bora-Care can also be used to treat wooden items like interior trims or furniture, provided there is no stain, paint, or similar finish on the items.

In addition to cellulosic materials, Bora-Care also can be used on concrete to prevent termite tubing.

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