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My purpose and presence will naturally give me the perfect words to say.However, if I began trying to figure out the best way to approach her before I walk up to her, or if I begin thinking of “openers” on my walk over to her, I am not giving due to the moment, and thus missing out on the perfect words the moment has for me.We were cautious at first, but it soon was clear that this had the potential to be a really good thing.We’ve been dating exclusively for a while now, and my life is so much better with him in it. He is honest and consistent and kind and compassionate and funny. His friends adore him, his family adores him, and his co-workers adore him.Grumpy, he’s all that I could have asked for in a partner.He’s a single parent like me, and we are ridiculously compatible.

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Their marriages aren’t perfect, not by a long shot. They chose their partners once (maybe not even very well, maybe hastily) and they simply decided to keep choosing their partners, every day, no matter what. So cynicism and love are pretty lousy bedfellows, if you ask me. You’re honestly baffled by the goodness you’re seeing in this man you’ve found. You’re doing all you can, and that’s better than enough. But I’m a little superstitious when I’m feeling too happy, too.Sincerely, Colin First off, remember that the best men are faced with old habits. I know you are a thinker, but I also know you are an amazing flow-er.You’ve just hit a dirt pile, as I have in the past month. Whenever you find yourself in dark terrain, remind yourself of the three facets to happiness and attraction: . My backstory: After a divorce and then a string of unpleasant, failed relationships that left me feeling raw and really low, I decided to take a year off dating altogether.I used the year to really work on myself and to try to understand why I kept choosing the wrong people and ignoring red flags.

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