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The historians were unsuccessful, however, as they had been looking only for total eclipses."What the earlier historians failed to consider was that it was instead an annular eclipse, in which the moon passes directly in front of the sun, but is too far away to cover the disc completely, leading to the characteristic 'ring of fire' appearance.

In the ancient world, the same word was used for both total and annular eclipses," it explains.

Kenzi's latest client, Michael, requires Bo to come to Storybrooke and get information out of the mayor, using her lovely Succubus skills. Together, An AU mega-crossover starring Digimon Tamers and Yu-Gi-Oh, and co-starring Pokemon and Cardcaptor Sakura. The arrival of the Slayer and and grinning terror will be his first, and perhaps last test as The Batman.

The story takes place after the curse breaks while Emma is stuck in Fairytale Land on OUAT and prior to Nadia's death on Lost Girl. What does the addition of supernatural-related reaps to the reaping workload, Roxy's promotion, the addition of a new grim reaper with supernatural experience, a new sort-of boyfriend who may or may not be a pirate, and an approaching apocalypse all have in common? Once upon a time, Nathan Ford and his crew were working a job in Storybrooke, Maine. AU Harry's relatives didn't take Harry in, instead they send him to Vernon's cousin, Genma Saotome. Note from 2012: I'm not a huge fan of this story now, but leaving it up for historical purposes for those who do enjoy it. Heroes come together at a strange tournament that will mark the ressurection of an ultimate power. An anthology collection of started yet unfinished, potential fanfiction stories written by myself, involving anything my depraved twisted mind can fathom or invent.

New grim reaper boss George doesn't know, but she's willing to bet that in the middle of it all the universe will kic Afraid of what she'll do to Snow, Emma and Henry kidnap an enraged and heartbroken Regina and take her out of Storybrooke so that she can heal in a place without magic. They were after the town's mayor Regina Mills, completely unaware of the close connections they held with her and the rest of the citizens of the town. Voldemort has been vanquished from power and Harry from Britain. What will happen now when people find out that not only is Harry the boy who lived but a super Martial Artist who attracts large amounts of chaos. After the debacle at the Do M, Harry's friends turn on him. Now the world begins to realise they've driven away their savior. It seems to be a highly popular style of writing of late, so I thought I'd give it a shot.

Along the way, they help each other deal with the traumas and mistakes of their pasts and move towards a possible future together as a family. Little did they know, they were a part of the Enchanted Forest as well. A day that would go down in history as the emergence of a new breed of humans. It all started with one individual who thought he was there to save the mutants. Aiming to start a new life in muggle America Harry moves to what he thinks is a small quiet town to start over. Xover R.5After an attack, the Yondaime's seal is unintentionally altered. Innortal-Style Infinite Loop Fic Emma Swan is the Savior, and apparently the gods decided she didn't do her job right, so they're giving her as many chances to get it right as they want.

Ties in to my other stories, Gen13: Mystics, and the other Gen13 Mystic Training stories. After discovering they each have magic, Harry Potter set about getting special training for each of his teammates.

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When she meets beautiful Regina in both worlds simultaneously, she begins to question all she's ever believed. He forms a gang of Dudley's female victims, who gather for mutual protection and later friendship. Animorphs: The Yeerks have found a new technology suprior to their own... *After the brutal murder of his parents, Alexander Harris has prepared his whole life to avenge them.

Wilder says he's on Anthony Joshua's ass in a big way -- doing everything in his power to make the heavyweight superfight happen ...

Wilder says he's convinced Joshua genuinely fears him -- and he's afraid Deontay could put such a savage beating on him, it could destroy his career. but it only comes off as terrifying -- especially after that beating Deontay put on Bermane Stiverne last weekend (seriously ...

COMPLETEOriginally this was to be the conclusion of my Gen13 side-story, but I've already gone and concluded that as is, so now this is its own separate side-story.

Specifically, this is the story of Harry's First Official Mission as an ICW Hit-Wizard.

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