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The format for FIDE's 2004 World Championship was a a tournament wherein 128 players would reduce to a single world champion after a series of knockout mini-matches.

It took place in Tripoli, Libya from June 19 to July 13, 2004.

Jass was dethroned in 2014 when Julia Collins won 20 Jeopardy! The former history professor also took part in the Tournament of Champions and Battle of the Decades Tournament, reported The Detroit Free Press.

Adrian College declined to say when Jass stopped working at the school.

FIDE's knockout format, which relied so heavily on speed chess and blitz chess, was certain to be the source of much criticism. Qxe6 are two examples; are there improvements here?

Also under attack was FIDE's position to allow Garry Kasparov to play the winner of this event in a reunification match, even though Kasparov did not participate in the qualifying rounds. Most black moves seem forced except how he choses to check my king around in the beginning of the series but it will lead to the same position it seems. ;-) "] [Date "20"] [White "arifattar"] [Black "everdred"] [Result "1-0"] [White Elo "1200"] [Black Elo "1193"] [Time Control "1/259200"] [Mode "ICS"] [Termination "normal"] 1.

Dr Stephanie Jass, 47, a former professor of American history at Adrian College, appeared in Lenawee County court on Tuesday, charged with unauthorized access to a computer and using a computer to commit a crime.According to her Facebook page, she is a singer in a musical trio called Ear Candy.In 2014, Jass performed at Croswell Opera House in Adrian, singing songs and sharing stories about playing Jeopardy!Kasimdzhanov, whose previous accomplishments included winning the Asian championship in 1998 and finishing second in the World Junior Championship in 1999, won the first speed tiebreak in spite of being in danger for most of the game. During the second tiebreak game he needed only to secure a draw with the white pieces, which he did easily, thereby winning the tournament and becoming the new FIDE World Chess Champion.

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